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Bernie Taupin
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7 O'Clock And I Wanna Rock And I Think It's Gonna Be A Long Long Time
Bernie Taupin - 7 OClock And I Wanna Rock Bernie Taupin - And I Think Its Gonna Be A Long Long Time
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Bernie Taupin - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Crocodile Rock
Bernie Taupin - Crocodile Rock
This One's For You Ba Ba Bennie
Bernie Taupin - This Ones For You Bernie Taupin - Ba Ba Bennie

Bernie TaupinFifty years. Fifty years of creativity. Fifty years of passion. Fifty years of friendship.

Fifty years.

As Elton embarks on his final world tour, I’ve been presented with many opportunities to reflect on our musical career. We celebrated our creative partnership at a gala in Los Angeles in 2017, I joined him for his last weekend during his final Las Vegas performances, we’ve co-hosted a YouTube contest where other artists reinterpreted our songs visually, we were honored with a CBS Grammy Salutes presentation, and we both executive produced two new albums with covers of some of our biggest hits sung by other artists.

But how do I feel about our biggest hits? How do I interpret them as I reflect upon the last 50 years of my professional life? How would I translate them…visually?

I spend most of my free time creating visual art now, so I decided to create a body of work in honor of my other body of work, just this once.

Fans share often that my lyrics and Elton’s melodies have shaped and changed their lives in dramatic, everlasting ways. How can I possibly express my gratitude to the millions of fans who have impacted my life? These especially crafted works of art are my best effort, and I am so pleased to share this very personal art with you.

Vaya con Dios,
Bernie Taupin

Bernie Taupin

Bernie Taupin

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