Bill Mack

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Type   Title Current Retail  

RE P Admiration, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Admiration, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE   Admiration, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ *
RE P Affection, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Affection, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Affection, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Affection, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
LI P After View Suite CFQ *
RE P Alluring, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Alluring, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Alluring, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Alluring, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P America, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
OR P Angelic (Katherine Hepburn) CFQ **
BO P The Artworks of Bill Mack CFQ  
RE P Ascension, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Ascension, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Ascension, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Ascension, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Aura, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Aura, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Aura, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Aura, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Awakening, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Awakening, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Awakening, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Awakening, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Bather Torso, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Bather Torso, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Bather, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Bather, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Bather, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Bather, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Bather, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
OR P Beach Bag (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ **
RE P Beethoven - Music Master, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Beethoven - Music Master, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Beethoven .75, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Beethoven .75, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Beethoven .75, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Beethoven .75, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
OR P Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) CFQ *
RE P Brilliance, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Brilliance, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Brilliance, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Brilliance, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Brilliant - Life Size, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Brilliant - Life Size, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Brilliant - Life Size, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Brilliant - Life Size, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Brilliant - Life Size, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
LI P Brilliant CFQ *
OR P Burning Love (Gone With the Wind) CFQ **
LI P Casual Elegance CFQ **
OR P Cat (Liz Taylor) CFQ **
RE P Charisma Adorned, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE   Charisma Adorned, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Charisma Adorned, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Charisma Adorned, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Charisma Adorned, (Bonded Bronze/Alum/Clear Resin) CFQ **
SC P Charisma Maquette, (Cast Bronze) CFQ  
SC P Charisma Maquette, (Cast Bronze) CFQ  
LI P Charisma Study CFQ  
RE P Charisma Torso, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Charisma Torso, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Charisma Torso, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Charisma, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Charisma, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Charisma, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Cherish, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Cherish, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Cherish, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Cherish, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Cherished, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Cherished, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Cherished, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Cherished, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Classic Finish, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Classic Finish, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Classic Finish, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Concerto Adorned, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Concerto Adorned, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Concerto Adorned, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE   Concerto Adorned, (Bonded Mixed Sand) CFQ  
RE P Contemplation, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Contemplation, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Contemplation, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Contemplation, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
OR P Crazy Redhead (Lucille Ball) CFQ **
RE P Crescendo Embrace, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Crescendo Embrace, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Crescendo Embrace, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Crescendo Embrace, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Crescendo, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Crescendo, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Crescendo, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Crescendo, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Crescendo, (Bonded Bronze/Alum/Clear Resin) CFQ  
RE P Dawn, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Dawn, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Dawn, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Dawn, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Daydream, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Daydream, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Dazzle, (Colored Scarf), (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Dazzle, (White Scarf), (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE   Dazzle, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE   Dazzle, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
OR P Dean CFQ *
RE P Deco Serenade, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Deco Serenade, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Desiree, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Desiree, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Desiree, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Desiree, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Devotion, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Devotion, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Devotion, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Devotion, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Dimension, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Dimension, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Dimension, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Dimensional Adorned, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Dimensional Adorned, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Dimensional Adorned, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Dimensional Adorned, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Dimensional, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Dimensional, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Dimensional, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Downhill Female, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Downhill Female, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Downhill Female, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Downhill Female, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Downhill Male, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Downhill Male, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Downhill Male, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Downhill Male, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Dreams, (Porcelain) CFQ *
RE P Einstein - Genius, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Elegance II, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Elegance II, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Elegance II, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Elegance II, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Elegance, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Elegance, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Elegance, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Elegance, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Elegance, (Porcelain) CFQ **
LI P Elusive CFQ *
RE P Elusive, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Elusive, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Elusive, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Elusive, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ **
RE P Elvis, Elvis, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Elvis, Elvis, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Elvis, Elvis, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Elvis, Elvis, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Embrace, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Embrace, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE   Embrace, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Enchanting, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Enchanting, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Enchanting, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Enchanting, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Enchantment, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Enchantment, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
LU P Enchantment, (Luminaire) CFQ **
RE P Encircled Enigma, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Encircled Enigma, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Encircled Enigma, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ *
RE P Enigma, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Enigma, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Envision, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Envision, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Esprit Adorned, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Esprit Adorned, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Esprit Adorned, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Esprit Adorned, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Esprit, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Esprit, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Essence Torso, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Essence Torso, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE   Essence Torso, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Essence, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Essence, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Excellence, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Excellence, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Excellence, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Fabulous (Marilyn) CFQ **
RE P Fantasy, (Acrylic) CFQ **
RE P Fantasy, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Fantasy, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Fascination, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Fascination, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Fascination, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Fascination, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
SC P Flowing Light, (Bas Relief) CFQ *
RE P Forever Remembered, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Forever Remembered, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Forever Remembered, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Forever Remembered, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Forever, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Forever, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Forever, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Forever, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE   Forevermore, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Forevermore, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Forevermore, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Forevermore, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Freedom - Horse, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Freedom - Horse, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE   Freedom - Horse, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Freedom, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Freedom, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Freedom, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Freestyle, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Freestyle, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Freestyle, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Freestyle, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE   Glamorous, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Glamorous, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE   Glamorous, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE   Glamorous, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Glamour, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Glamour, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Glamour, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Glamour, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Glory, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Glory, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Glory, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Glory, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
OR P Grace (Grace Kelly) CFQ *
RE P Grand Elusive, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Grand Elusive, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Grand Elusive, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Grand Elusive, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Grandeur, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Grandeur, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Harlow CFQ *
RE P Harmonious Adorned, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Harmonious Adorned, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Harmonious Adorned, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Harmonious Adorned, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Harmonious Adorned, (Bonded Mixed Sand) CFQ  
RE   Harmonious Adorned, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE   Harmonious, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Harmonious, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Harmonious, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Harmonious, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Harmonious, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ **
RE P Harmony, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Harmony, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P High Seas, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P High Seas, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P High Seas, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
OR P Hollywood Idol - Audrey CFQ  
OR P Hollywood Legend - Marilyn CFQ *
SC P Human Knot - Half Life, (Bronze) CFQ  
SC P Human Knot - Half Life, (Silver) CFQ  
SC P Human Knot - Life Size, (Bronze) CFQ  
SC P Human Knot - Life Size, (Silver) CFQ  
SC P Human Knot - Maquette, (Bronze) CFQ  
SC P Human Knot - Maquette, (Silver) CFQ  
RE P Human Knot, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Human Knot, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Human Knot, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
OR P Humphrey Bogart CFQ **
RE P Illusion, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Illusion, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Imagination, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Imagination, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Imagination, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Imagination, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
SC P Innocence, (Acrylic) CFQ  
RE P Innocence, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Innocence, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Innocence, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Inspiration, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Inspiration, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Inspiration, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE   Inspiration, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Jazz Man, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Jazz Man, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Jazz Man, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Jazz Man, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P La Pari I, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P La Pari I, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P La Pari I, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P La Pari II, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P La Pari II, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P La Pari II, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P La Pari Suite, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P La Pari Suite, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P La Pari Suite, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Lady, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Lady, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Leader II, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Leader, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
OR P Legend (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ **
RE P Legend - Monroe, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Legend - Monroe, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Legendary Blonde (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ *
OR P Legendary Cowboy (John Wayne) CFQ **
RE P Liberated Enigma, (Bonded Bronze/Bonded Stainless Frame) CFQ  
RE P Liberated Enigma, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Liberated Enigma, (Bonded Stainless/Bonded Bronze Frame) CFQ  
RE P Liberty Diptych, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Light of Liberty, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Longing, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Longing, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Longing, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Longing, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ *
OR P Love Goddess (Rita Hayworth) CFQ *
RE P Love, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Love, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Love, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Love, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ *
RE   Loving, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Loving, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE   Loving, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE   Loving, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Lucky Trunks, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Lucky Trunks, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
LI P Luminous CFQ *
LI P Lustrous CFQ *
RE P Lustrous, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Lustrous, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Lustrous, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Lustrous, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
OR P MM (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ **
OR P Magical (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ **
RE P Majestic, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Majestic, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Majesty, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Majesty, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
LI P Marilyn's Dream CFQ  
OR P Marilyn's Dress (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ **
OR P Marilyn CFQ **
OR P Marlon (Marlon Brando) CFQ **
RE P Match Point, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Match Point, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Match Point, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Match Point, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Melody Revealed, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Melody Revealed, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Melody Revealed, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Melody Revealed, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Melody, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Melody, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Melody, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Melody, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Memories, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE   Memories, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Memories, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Memories, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
SC P Millennia Image, (Acrylic) CFQ *
RE P Mustang, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Mustang, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Mustang, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Mysterious Veiled, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Mysterious Veiled, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Mysterious Veiled, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Mysterious Veiled, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Mysterious Veiled, (Bonded Bronze/Alum/Clear Resin) CFQ  
RE P Mysterious, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Mysterious, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Mysterious, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Mystery, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Mystery, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Norma Jean DiMaggio (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ *
RE P Ocean Predator, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Ocean Predator, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Ocean Predator, (Mixed Metals/Color Added) CFQ  
RE P Ocean Predator, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Odyssey, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Odyssey, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Odyssey, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Original Blonde (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ **
RE P Passion, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Passion, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE   Patience, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Patience, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE   Patience, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE   Patience, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
OR P Paul (Paul Newman) CFQ *
RE P Pavlova, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Pavlova, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Pavlova, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Pavlova, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Picasso, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Picasso, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Playful (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ **
RE   Portrait of Liberty, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
OR P Princess (Grace Kelly) CFQ **
LI P Radiance - Sepia, (Mixed Media) CFQ *
LI P Radiance, Black & White, (Mixed Media) CFQ *
RE P Radiance, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Radiance, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Radiant II, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Radiant, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Radiant, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Radiant, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE P Rapture, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE   Rapture, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Rapture, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Rat Pack CFQ *
OR P Rebel (James Dean) CFQ *
RE P Rebel - James Dean, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE   Rebel - James Dean, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Rebel - James Dean, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
SC P Recollection Adorned, (Cast Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Reflection, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Reflection, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Rembrandt, (Porcelain) CFQ  
RE P Reminiscence, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Reminiscence, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Reminiscence, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE   Reminiscence, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Renaissance Man, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Renaissance Man, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Renaissance Man, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Repose, (Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Repose, (Porcelain) CFQ **
RE P Resurrection, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Rhapsody, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Rhapsody, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Rhett (Clark Gable) CFQ **
OR P Rooster (John Wayne) CFQ **
RE P Serenity, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Serenity, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
OR P Seven Year Itch (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ *
RE P Sharing, Boy, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, Boy, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, Boy, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, Boy, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, Girl, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, Girl, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, Girl, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, Girl, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Sharing, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Slumbering, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Smile, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
SC P Solitude Maquette, (Cast Bronze) CFQ  
SC P Solitude Maquette, (Cast Bronze) CFQ  
LI P Solitude Study CFQ **
RE P Solitude, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Solitude, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Spirit Detail, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Spirit Detail, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE   Spirit Detail, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Spirit/Valiant Detail Diptych, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Spirit/Valiant Detail Diptych, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Spirit, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Spirit, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Splendor, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Splendor, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
SC P Springtime Maquette CFQ  
SC P Springtime, (Life Size) CFQ  
RE P Stallion, (Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Stallion, (Porcelain) CFQ **
OR P Stalwart (John Wayne) CFQ **
RE P Stampede (Deluxe), (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Stampede, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Stampede, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ *
RE P Sultry, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Sultry, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Symphony, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Symphony, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Tchaikovsky, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Tchaikovsky, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Tchaikovsky, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Tchaikovsky, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE   Tenderly, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Tenderly, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE   Tenderly, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Tenderly, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Tenderness, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Tenderness, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Thinker - Einstein, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Thinker - Einstein, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Thinker - Einstein, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
OR P Tiffany's Beauty (Audrey Hepburn) CFQ **
RE P Together, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Together, (Mixed Metals) CFQ *
RE P Together, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Together, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ *
RE P Torso Study #1, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Torso Study #1, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Torso Study #1, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
SC P Tranquility Maquette, (Cast Bronze) CFQ  
LI P Tranquility Study CFQ  
RE P Tranquility, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Tranquility, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Valiant Detail, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Valiant Detail, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Valiant Detail, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE   Valor Detail, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE   Valor Detail, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE   Valor Detail, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Valor/Valiant Detail Diptych, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Valor/Valiant Detail Diptych, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Valor/Valiant Detail Diptych, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ  
RE P Vanity, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ **
RE P Vanity, (Mixed Metals) CFQ **
RE P Vanity, (Bonded Sand) CFQ **
RE P Vanity, (Bonded Natural Sand) CFQ **
RE   Vaudeville, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Vaudeville, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Visage, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Visage, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE   Vision, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Vision, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Vision, (Bonded Sand) CFQ  
RE P Vision, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Visions, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Visions, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Warhol, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ  
RE P Warhol, (Mixed Metals) CFQ  
RE P Warhol, (Bonded Stainless) CFQ  
RE P Winsome, (Bonded Bronze) CFQ *
RE P Winsome, (Bonded Sand) CFQ *
RE P Workout, (Porcelain) CFQ  
OR P Youthful Legend / White Bathing Suite (Marilyn Monroe) CFQ **

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