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Type   Title Current Retail  

SC P 3rd Wish $6,500.00  
SC P After Showtime $4,250.00  
SC P Afterhours $5,950.00  
SC P Air Time $5,500.00  
SC P All Aboard (Gladys Knight) $6,250.00  
SC P An Evening at The Apollo $10,000.00  
SC P At Home with the Blues $1,950.00  
SC P Bourbon Street $7,500.00  
SC   Challenger Bust $3,900.00  
SC P Challenger, (Monument) $75,000.00  
SC P Close Enough for Jazz $14,000.00  
SC P Composer $6,900.00  
SC   Constitution $4,000.00  
SC P Country Cookin' $5,000.00  
SC P Dizzy, Louis, Handy $13,500.00  
SC   Dolphin Dance $2,950.00  
TA P Double Sax, (Table) $6,900.00  
SC P Father of the Blues (W.C. Handy) $5,900.00  
SC   Feathered Eagle $4,000.00  
SC P Flutist II $2,900.00  
SC P Good Vibes $25,000.00  
TA P Guitar Set, (Table) $8,500.00  
SC P Hello Louis $21,000.00 **
SC P Highway 61 $4,950.00  
SC P In The Groove $5,900.00 *
SC P Inspiration $15,000.00  
SC P Jazz Spoken Here $15,000.00  
TA   Jazz Under Glass, (Table) $4,450.00 **
SC P Jazz on the Waterfront $3,250.00  
SC P Just Blowin' Thru $4,500.00  
SC   Just a Little Jazz $1,950.00  
SC P King of Hearts CFQ  
SC P King of the Boogie (John Lee Hooker) $6,500.00  
SC P The Kiss (Elephants) $3,950.00  
SC P Lady Day $14,000.00  
SC P Land of Jazz $3,750.00  
SC P Louis's Back $6,950.00  
SC P Mardi Gras $15,000.00  
SC P Meeting at Preservation Hall $4,950.00  
SC P Memphis Midnight $4,500.00  
SC P Moring Glory $5,500.00 **
SC P Mr. New Orleans (Pete Fountain) $6,250.00  
TA P Musically Inclined, (Table) $6,500.00  
SC P New Orleans Style $11,000.00  
SC P One Mo' Time $6,000.00  
SC P Outlaw CFQ  
SC P Piano Man $15,000.00  
SC P Playin' Round $4,500.00  
SC P Pot O'Jazz $4,250.00  
SC   Pure Jazz $11,500.00  
SC P Queen of Hearts CFQ  
SC P R and B $15,500.00 **
SC P Roadhouse Blues $6,250.00  
TA P Rock 'n' Roll, (Table) $7,500.00  
SC P Royal Blues $6,250.00  
TA P Saddle Down, (Table) $6,500.00  
SC P Saddle Up $11,000.00  
TA P Sax, (Table) $6,950.00  
SC P Showtime $9,000.00 **
SC P Sing 'Em Low $10,500.00  
SC P Stand Off CFQ  
SC P Standing Room Only (SRO) $6,500.00  
SC P Sunday Morning Jazz $13,500.00  
SC P Swingin' Sax $2,500.00  
SC P Swingin', Blowin', Playin' $6,000.00  
SC P Take Five, (Table) $6,500.00 **
SC P Tiger Lily CFQ  
SC P The Trumpeter $3,900.00  
SC P Viva Santana $6,250.00  

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