Sylvester Stallone

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LI P Family Ties, (Collectors Edition) $2,500.00  
LI P Family Ties, (Roman Numeral Edition) $1,250.00  
LI P Finding Rocky, (Collectors Edition) $2,500.00  
LI P Finding Rocky, (Roman Numeral Edition) $1,250.00  
OR P My Father Said Ya Weren't Born ..., (BUM Monoprint) $15,000.00  
LI P The Opponent, (Collectors Edition) $2,500.00  
LI P The Opponent, (Roman Numeral Edition) $1,250.00  
LI P Scar, (Collectors Edition) $2,500.00  
LI P Scar, (Roman Numeral Edition) $1,250.00  
OR P She Has Gaps, I Got Gaps ..., (BUM Monoprint) $15,000.00  
LI P Still Fighting, (Collectors Edition) $2,500.00  
LI P Still Fighting, (Roman Numeral Edition) $1,250.00  
OR P To You It's Thanksgiving ..., (BUM Monoprint) $15,000.00  
LI P Triumph of the Champion, (Collectors Edition) $2,500.00  
LI P Triumph of the Champion, (Roman Numeral Edition) $1,250.00  
OR P Triumph of the Champion, (BUM Monoprint) $12,500.00  

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