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LI P Afternoon in Annecy CFQ **
LI P Afternoon in Annecy, (Deluxe Canvas) $595.00  
LI P Afternoon in Capri CFQ **
LI P Afternoon in Capri, (Deluxe Canvas) $6,000.00 **
LI P Amalfi Patio $2,500.00 **
LI P Amalfi Patio, (Deluxe Canvas) $5,000.00 **
LI P Amalfi Twilight CFQ **
LI P Amalfi Twilight, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,895.00  
LI P Amalfi Vista CFQ **
LI P Amalfi Vista, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,275.00  
LI P Amalfi, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Annecy Night $900.00 **
LI P Annecy Night, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,175.00  
LI P Annecy $750.00 **
LI P Annecy, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,775.00  
LI P Antibes $750.00 **
LI P Antibes, (Deluxe Canvas) $4,000.00 **
LI P Antiga Giacomo $900.00 **
LI P Antiga Giacomo, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,750.00 **
LI P Arch de Cagnes $900.00 **
LI P Arch de Cagnes, (Deluxe Canvas) $6,000.00 **
LI P Archway to Venice, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,295.00  
LI P Bellagio, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Boats of Calella $900.00 **
LI P Boats of Calella, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,175.00  
LI P Caen $900.00 **
LI P Caen, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,175.00  
LI P Cafe in Cassis CFQ **
LI P Cafe in Cassis, (Deluxe Canvas) $595.00 **
LI P Capri, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Costa Brava $750.00 **
LI P Costa Brava, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,000.00  
LI P Cote d' Azur Suite CFQ **
LI P Cote d' Azur Suite, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Harbor at Monfleur CFQ **
LI P Harbor at Monfleur, (Deluxe Canvas) $595.00  
LI P Harbor at Portofino $750.00 **
LI P Harbor at Portofino $1,895.00  
LI P Hauts De Cangnes $900.00 **
LI P Hauts De Cangnes, (Deluxe Canvas) $6,000.00 **
LI P Italy North and South Suite CFQ **
LI P Italy North and South Suite, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,375.00  
LI P La Jolla $900.00 **
LI P La Jolla, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,175.00  
LI P La Mere / Cafe d' Le Stable CFQ  
LI P La Mere / Cafe d' Le Stable, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P La Terre / Bella Franche CFQ  
LI P La Terre / Bella Franche, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Lake Como Promenade $750.00 **
LI P Lake Como Promenade, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,775.00  
LI P Lakeside at Bellagio CFQ **
LI P Lakeside at Bellagio, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,275.00  
LI P Morning In Provence $750.00 **
LI P Morning In Provence, (Deluxe Canvas) $5,000.00 **
LI P Mykonos Sunset, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,895.00 *
LI P Nice $750.00 **
LI P Nice $1,895.00  
LI P Parisian Cafe $750.00 **
LI P Parisian Cafe, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,975.00 *
LI P Portfino, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Positano Patio $750.00  
LI P Positano Patio, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,895.00  
LI P Provinces of France Suite CFQ **
LI P Provinces of France Suite, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Rue de Soleil CFQ  
LI P Santa Margherita $900.00 **
LI P Santa Margherita, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,175.00  
LI P Savoi CFQ  
LI P St. Emilion $900.00 **
LI P St. Emilion, (Deluxe Canvas) $5,000.00 **
LI P St. Michel di Pagana CFQ  
LI P St. Paul de Vence $750.00 **
LI P St. Paul de Vence, (Deluxe Canvas) $1,775.00  
LI P Streets of St. Emilion CFQ **
LI P Streets of St. Emilion, (Deluxe Canvas) $595.00 **
LI P Treasure of Italy, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Varenna, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Venetian Colors $900.00 **
LI P Venetian Colors, (Deluxe Canvas) $4,000.00 **
LI P Venezia, (Deluxe Canvas) CFQ  
LI P Venice $750.00 **
LI P Venice, (Deluxe Canvas) $2,500.00 **

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